Meanings of Traditional Wedding Dresses

Most of us consider “wedding” as a sacred ceremony. It is so sacred that we made it as a symbol of a true love.
It is very common in every traditional wedding ceremony that a bride is the center of attraction. Most often, the only duty of bridegroom is to show up, with the ring in his hands or other cultures, pay the bill of the wedding ceremony.

The history of bridal gowns has many origins. White bridal gowns symbolize purity of the bride before her special day, and traditionally, white bridal gowns mean that the bride was untouched for her husband. The veil, on the other hand, symbolizes the mysteries of features of the bride on her wedding day. Way back ancient times, arranged marriages are very popular. Arranged marriages are supposed to consolidate power, wealth, or land between two families. During those times when arranged marriages are being practiced, it was only during the ceremony itself that the bridegroom was able to see the bride. Centuries passed by, the thing has changed a lot and now, veil which used to be thick and concealing, turned to thin and revealing. When the groom lifts the bride’s veil and sees her, it is a throwback of the old tradition when the groom saw his bride for the very first time.

Train and dress of the bride have meanings of its own as well. Take the bridal train for example. It was designed to be long for flowing effect. It was used to cover up the tracks of the couple, and it is because, during the old times, kidnappings of the bride were very frequent for ransom purposes. In those days, even the best man played a vital role in those days. The best man must protect and aid the couple throughout the wedding ceremony.

Generally, traditional wedding dresses are reflections of the bride. It symbolizes her personality. But whatever it is, all that matters is that you love each other and you are aware of the everlasting responsibilities and commitment to each other once you are married, and you are both ready to face new challenges in life together.